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 All About Elves (Summary)

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The Elves of The World of Two Moons were originally alien visitors who were seeking to find a new home after their planet became overpopulated due to the stagnation of their people, who had ceased to age and eventually ceased to breed.

Unfortunately, there was a small mutiny on their ship/Palace by creatures who were their pets, but would, eventually, become the trolls. It threw their ship off course, and instead of appearing in, what would have been, the "Middle Ages" on the planet, they appeared in the Stone Age. Looking like tall, beautiful, elven people, they attempted to extend their hand in a greeting of peace. But, were greeted with human savagery.

Fleeing their ship, they went to the woods, making a place for themselves on unwelcoming world.

There are five "tribes" of elves:
Wolfriders - Hunter elves who share kinship with their lupine mounts.

Sun Villagers (Sun Folk) - Peaceful elves who live in an oasis in the middle of the "Burning Waste" (desert) called "Sorrow's End."

Go-Backs - Warrior elves who live in the harsh and cold tundra to the North.

Gliders - Ancient elves who live in Blue Mountain, and are worshiped by the humans who live at the base.

Waveriders - Quiet elves who live in the Vastdeep Sea. Some are blended with creatures of the sea (such as fish, or octopi).
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All About Elves (Summary)
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